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The Plant

A rather exciting month at The Plant
A new neighborhood restaurant from the owners of Hawksmoor, some lovely Chrismassy things for EAT and our very own food fanzine called Tomorrow's Chip Paper.


The owner's of Hawksmoor wanted to create a simple neighborhood restaurant. And that's pretty much where we ended up, although Foxlow is a very, very good neighborhood restaurant!

The mood of the design reflects the location. The street numbers are a feature and the typography is all very British humanist, all of it very simply executed with some lovely materials.

And you won't be able to walk past the Foxlow clock on St. John Street without checking whether it's time for lunch..

You can see more of our work for Foxlow here.

EAT & Be Merry

Following our succesful rebrand of of EAT earlier this year, we were asked to create a campaign for all their Christmas food.

We continued the visual logic of the rebrand and built a series of lovely characters that feature in bags, coffee cups and Christmas decorations for all the EAT shopfronts.

We hope you see them in your journeys around London!

Tomorrow's Chip Paper

With co-publisher Holly O'neill we've created our own food fanzine!

Here's part of our manifesto-

"We love publishing and eating, they're two of our passions.

While interest in food has never been stronger in London, print publishing is, by all accounts, dying. Yet in conversations bemoaning this, we all agree that there's nothing like having and holding something to read.

So this is our folly; we're creating the newspaper that we want to read while waiting for our mates in a pub. We're doing it lo-fi, on the fly, to produce something informative, celebratory, humorous, light but not trivial, easily consumed and ultimately disposable. We like good writing, good images, strong opinions and strong ideas. We know what we like because we bought it and tried it, not because a PR sent it to us."

We're now 2 issues in and loving it. You can read some more here.

And while you're here...

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We've all been fans of the tweet for a long time, and you can reap the benefit of our whole team editing the world of creativity into one helpful stream. The link again, right here!

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