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  Just a little update here for my past, present and prospective clients.

I've selected a project from each month in 2014 and invite you to have a browse at your leisure...
  2014 has been eventful so far! So much so, I thought I'd condense it down and make a mid year newsletter. I've also spent the last few weeks on a big website update so I also invite you have a click at this: allanbuxton.com

I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that I've worked with so far in 2014 (you know who you are!). So here's what I've been up to, if any of this tickles your tastebuds feel free to get in touch. Whether it's a tiny project or big collaboration I'd love to hear about it.
  **If for any reason you are inconvenienced by recieving this newsletter please let me know and I'll be sure not to send you any further updates! This message is intended to be seen only by people with a potential interest in the material.  
January :: Nash @ Home
Nash @ Home is a bespoke furniture store which recently moved to Derby to open their new showroom in a rather large Georgian house. The film was commissioned as a teaser to capture the building in a state of chaos, alongside documenting the raw features of the building. Filming assisted by Troy Edige.
February :: Universal Works
In February Universal Works, a respected worldwide clothing brand commissioned me for two stop motion shorts to advertise their new line of denim. Working with their in-house photographer Jamie Myers and marketing whizz Robin Hughes we filmed both within two (long) days. Editing on the other hand was another story...
March :: Planetary Notions
London based record label Planetary Notions came to me with a brief to brand their new venture, the style was to be influenced by 1960's sci-fi but with a modern twist to reflect the cosmic, deep sound of thier productions. This required experimenting with a whole new style of artwork which personally I'd never attempted before. And this is the result:
April :: FIB Benicassim Festival
For the second year running I've been asked to create the FIB Benicassim line-up video for youtube and various websites promoting the festival in Spain. As it was their 20th anniversay I decided to go to town for them and build an entire (very) miniature festival and bring it to life through stop motion animation. It ended up being a tall order for one person but was all worth it in the end!
May :: Hockley Hustle Festival
This is a current ongoing project leading up to the Hockley Hustle festival in Nottingham. I've been commissioned to re-brand the event from the ground up for its comeback in October. Below is the first teaser poster printed in this months issue of Leftlion magazine, there will be plenty more material to come.
June :: Ubik PR June 14
Another London start up this time music PR company "Ubik" needed a logo design to start their promotion as a business. A short project but I thoughorly enjoyed coming up with this for them.
Thank You
  For taking the time to have a gander, I hope this update has been of interest to you. If you would like to work with me or have any questions feel free to drop me a message or call me on:


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